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Treetop Tunes is an illustrated children’s album from singer songwriter Bonnie Pearson Hirdes.

These thirteen songs touch on themes from caring for our planet, to caring for ourselves. You can sing and play along using the included lyrics and chords sheets, and colour along with a print-at-home colouring book for additional offscreen fun.

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All songs illustrated by Katherine Olenic

Treetop Tunes Tracklist

  • Stayin’ In Blues

    It’s not easy having to stay inside during COVID times, but finding our groove is what we all need to do. Activity and music helped this boy bring a spring back into his step.
  • Jericho

    Jericho the frog was born with no webs between his toes. With a little help from his friends he figures out a way to live his life to its’ fullest.
  • Pet Friends

    Pets can sometimes be our best friends. When we feel alone our pets can cheer us up. Animals of all kinds deserve our care and protection. We are all part of one big earthly family.
  • Going Across The Bridge

    Where does water come from and where does it go? This song follows its journey and reminds us that water belongs to all living creatures.
  • What’s In A Sigh

    Feelings, we all have them! When you share those feelings with someone you trust, you can set those feelings free.
  • Banjo In The Barn

    What do the barn animals do at night? Well of course they sing and dance to the tunes of a banjo playing cool cat.
  • Your Hands

    Your hands can do anything! This song reminds us that our hands can make a better world.
  • Lullaby Of The Wind

    The tree and the wind are arguing about who will care for the baby birds, asleep in their nest. Like most disagreements, there is always two sides.
  • Grandfather’s Clock

    What is a grandfather’s clock? There are many ways to tell time these days but none so magnificent as the grandfather’s clock.
  • Rat In My Hair

    Some days you feel all messed up. The girl in this song doesn’t let the collection of critters in her hair, keep her from having fun.
  • Saturday Blues

    Spending a Saturday with nothing to do can be boring. This boy finds out that he has rhythm in his feet, and his happiness becomes contagious.
  • Chewing Gum

    When we litter, our actions affect everyone. The small act of throwing chewed gum away almost turns into a disaster for a grasshopper.
  • Hello

    Hello is such a small word, but just by saying it, you can make someone else feel included. It is small but mighty.
Download Treetop Tunes for free:
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Treetop Tunes Press

About Bonnie Pearson Hirdes

Bonnie Pearson Hirdes is a singer songwriter from Elora, Ontario. Treetop Tunes is her first kid’s album. She has a PhD from the University of Toronto with a specialization in instructional design and computer-based education, and is CEO at HeTI, a health e-learning company. Bonnie is an avid cyclist, and she draws her inspiration from the nature that surrounds us.